Six of the best: MTB viral videos

Most mountain bike videos are ignored by the general public, and for good reason – why should the average Joe bother with MTB vids when the internet’s flooded with epic fail compilations, LOLcats and free porn?

Once in a while, though, one sneaks through the net, goes viral and spreads like wildfire. Here are the top six most-watched bike videos on YouTube (not including compilations and sections ripped from DVDs).

1 Danny MacAskill – Inspired Bicycles

The daddy of them all – Inspired Bicycles catapulted Danny Mac from trials scene obscurity to global fame. Well, kinda. 30 million people have watched the vid on YouTube, but how many would recognise him in the street?

2 Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

MacAskill’s follow-up has a bigger budget, multiple locations and, get this, a theme. Thankfully his riding’s as jaw-droppingly ace as ever. We’re banning his other clips from this round-up so some other vids get a look-in.

3 Mountain biker gets taken out by buck

Men in Lycra crashing is always a laugh, and when there’s a wild animal involved, even better.

4 Extreme Mexican mountain biking

The quality’s crappy and it wouldn’t make our top six, but who are we to argue with four million views?

5 Filip Polc GoPro Valparaiso 2011

The best bit of this clip is when Filip Polc nearly hits a dog at 0:28! Actually, judging by the squealing afterwards, maybe he did hit it?

7 Extreme MTB stunts

We’ve never heard of Australian’s JarExtreme but we love the bike surfing at 0:31 – proper old-school!

So, those are the six most viewed MTB vids on YouTube but what do you think? Have your say below…