Have e*thirteen made the world’s noisiest freehub?

Science doesn’t get much more dubious than this – two men, one portable noise level reader thing, one camera and two of the noisiest hubs we could think of.

But which would win? The new e*thirteen TRS+ (think Vespa with a hole in its exhaust) or that icon of British noise-making, the Hope Pro 2 (think Richard Hawley gargling coal)?

The pre-match favourite was the TRS+ (six-degree pawl engagement, carbon fibre hub shell) and it did clock a meaty 90db. But it was that old, hard-punching stalwart the Pro 2 (four pawl, aluminium body) that won out, nosing it with 92.6db.

See more of the new e*thirteen TRS+ range on this site, very soon…

Hope's Pro 2 hub. Picture by James Blackwell

Hope's Pro 2 hub – still ludicrously loud. Picture by James Blackwell


e*thirteen's TRS+ hub – close, but no banana

e*thirteen's TRS+ hub – close, but no banana