You can’t buy Danny Hart’s skill or balls, but you can soon buy his bike

Want to ride like Danny Hart? Dream on. You’ll soon be able to buy his bike though, in the form of the 2013 Giant Glory.

I got stripes

The rainbow stripes on the head tube show that this was the bike Danny rode to victory at the 2011 World Champs. So if you’re not up to speed on it, you can’t blame your equipment.

World downhill champ Danny Hart's had a hand in the design of the 2013 Giant Glory

You can tell Danny Hart's had a hand in the design of the 2013 Giant Glory

Slack attack

Giant have lopped two degrees off the Glory’s head angle for 2013 (63.5° vs 65.5°). The wheelbase is a bit longer too, and the bottom bracket lower. This’ll make it more stable at speed and when landing massive, Hart style whips. No excuses for not styling it up, then.

The Giant Glory downhill bike has been tweaked for 2013

The Glory's slacker, longer and lower for 2013

Confused in the head

Giant’s website says the new Glory has a 1.125-1.25in ‘OverDrive’ tapered fork steerer. Looks like someone’s messed up – that’s a size normally only found on their skinny-tubed road bikes. We reckon it’s got a chunkier 1.25-1.5in ‘OverDrive 2′ setup – that’s certainly what Hart was running last year. Either way, there’s plenty of space up front to show off those rainbow stripes.

Giant's tapered OverDrive steerer tube bolsters front end stiffness on the 2013 Glory

The head tube's tapered, but just how big's the steerer?

If it ain’t broke…

Elsewhere, it’s business as usual, with the same floating-pivot-point Maestro suspension design delivering 8in of travel, and the same FluidForm ALUXX SL tubing creating a light but strong chassis. Even the graphics remain largely the same, though they’ve ditched gold for black. There’s no word yet on pricing.

The Giant Glory is slacker, lower and longer for 2013

The Glory 0 is looking sleek for 2013

You can find out more about Danny Hart’s Giant Glory on BikeRadar. Check out the video below to see him in action, and then head over to our exclusive interview to hear Danny’s thoughts on his ballsy riding style, Twitter tit-for-tats and the curse of the rainbow stripes.