Something for the weekend #4

Put your feet up, have a cuppa and feast your eyes on our regular round-up of videos from outside the mountain bike bubble. This week we’ve got squealing tyres, stunts and tricks, massive crashes and synchronised soldiers.

DC Shoes: Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five: Ultimate urban playground; San Francisco

Living under a rock for the past week? Then you’re probably about the only person in the world who hasn’t seen this. With nearly 14 million views on YouTube it’s the viral hit of the summer. Watch as Kenny B turns San Fran into his own personal rally course.

2012 Harry Main !!!! VX 2

Forget epic locations, helicopters and big name sponsors – good bike vids are all about the riding chops, which are something this lad’s got in spades. The quality may be grainy but Harry’s BMX skills keep you glued to the screen.

Summer X Games 2012 – GoPro champions

Helmet cam edits can get boring really quickly – good thing this one’s crammed to the brim with adrenaline-pumping rally, BMX, skate and freestyle moto action. The Hot Wheels loop-the-loop at 1:10 is insane!

Supersonic freefall – Red Bull Stratos CGI

Things have gone quiet on the space front lately. Good thing Red Bull are here to bring us some nutter skydiving from 120,000ft up. This is an animation – the actual attempt’s due to take place later this summer.

Drift Trikes – Student documentary film

Trikes – kids’ toy that you grew out of when you found bikes, right? Turns out there’s still plenty of fun to be had on three wheels.

Kilian Martin: Altered Route

Time for some arty, dreamlike skateboarding action at an abandoned water park – how amazing would this place be to ride?!

8-year-old Asher crushing Venice skate park

More skating – this time featuring super-grom Asher Bradshaw showing the legendary Shaun White who’s boss!

Domino effect at a military parade in Belarus

This is one of those “WTF?” moments. Impressive stuff on the parade ground, but it’s not going to be a lot of use when they’re staring down the barrel of a gun. Plus they really should have all toppled over at the end.

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