Video: Fabien Barel rides Mondraker’s ‘Forward Geometry’, with Andreu Lacondeguy

Mondraker’s super-short stem, stretched front-triangle Forward Geometry may look like the aftermath of a head-on collision but the Spaniards are convinced it’s the future for all-mountain riding. We’re going to sit on the fence until we’ve tried it for ourselves but former world DH champ Fabien Barel certainly makes a convincing case for it in the videos below.

First up, here’s Fab riding a Forward Geometry Foxy XR in the latest part of his ‘Fabien Barel presents’ series, with Andreu Lacondeguy (yes, we know Barel’s bike has a regular Renthal stem at the start but it’s definitely got a ‘centre stem’ later on):

Pick up the flow starring Andreu Lacondeguy – Fabien Barel presents #3 from Mavic

And here he is again, explaining the ideas behind Forward Geometry and railing some sun-baked trails in Mondraker’s official launch video:

Source: Forward Geometry Mondraker 2013 by MTBcut for Mondraker

So, is Forward Geometry the next stage of mountain bike evolution, or a concept that should never have left the drawing board? Let us know in the comments box below.