Ride like Cedric Gracia in new CG Dirt Devil iPhone and Android app

Cedric Gracia’s as mischievous off the bike as he is wild on it – something the developers of his new smartphone app have really nailed! CG Dirt Devil puts you in the flamboyant Frenchman’s shoes as he guides his Santa Cruz V10 Carbon down a course littered with hazards, including angry wives.

Is it any good? We don’t think the boss would look kindly on us playing games on work time so we’ll have to wait until we get home to find out. Have you had a go? Let us know what you think in the comments box below. CG Dirt Devil is available now for Android devices and due to launch on the iPhone/iPad too.

Of course, CG’s not the first downhiller to have his own app. Remember Steve Peat – Downhill Mountain Biking, released in 2010? Sadly it hasn’t enjoyed quite the same success as Sheffield Steel himself, with a lowly 2/5 rating on iTunes.

'Steve Peat - Downhill Mountain Biking' has been available on the iPhone for a couple of years now

And who can forget motormouth Rebull.tv commentator – and first Brit to win a World Cup – Rob Warner’s soundboard app, Freecaster MTB Commentary. Packed with choice one-liners, it’s a hit with iTunes users. Just a shame there’s no Android version.

Freecaster's Rob Warner soundboard was a hit last year