Video Club: Palmer The Miserable Champion

The Miserable Champion charts the life and times of one of the most influential figures ever to swing a leg over a bike, Shaun Palmer.

Of course, mountain biking was a blip on the spectrum of extreme sports which Palmer excelled at, and this feature-length documentary stars some of skateboarding, snowboarding and sports journalism's most prominent figures attesting to as much.

Here's our take on The Miserable Champion in tasty, bite sized morsels…


  • It's Palmer. We're pretty sure that if this was just a video of Palmer sat in a room by himself it'd still be entertaining.
  • The Miserable Champion does a good job of showcasing just what an all-round athlete and competitor Palmer really is.
  • Retro goodness. The video has some awesome footage from ChainSmoke, among other old-school videos.


  • We wanted warts-and-all and didn't really get it. There are glimpses and hints towards Palms' hard partying but nothing more than we already knew.
  • We enjoyed the fact that (like the man himself) it wasn't all bikes but if you buy this hoping for a solid hour's worth of two-wheeled carnage you'll be disappointed.

This should get you in the mood…

You can order Shaun Palmer: The Miserable Champion here.