Something for the weekend #10

It’s ‘put your feet up and watch some viral vids’ time, and what treats we’ve got in store for you this week! Booze-fuelled centenarian marathon runners, men leaping off cliffs in inflatable tracksuits, real-life Star Wars speeder bikes and much more.

Buster Martin: ‘How to live forever’

Buster Martin’s 101 years old and running marathons. The secret to his longevity? Beer, smoking and red meat. What a legend! The quote at 1:03 is a classic…

Source: Mark Wexler / How To Live Forever Movie

Alexander Polli: ‘Reality of Human Flight’

Wingsuit flying is pretty nuts, but it’s clearly not enough of an adrenaline rush for Alexander Polli – part-way through this vid he swaps his wings for what can only be described as an inflatable tracksuit.

Source: Alexander Polli

Epic tea time with Alan Rickman

Slow-mo and dramatic music can add gravitas to anything – even making a cup of tea. Of course, it helps if you’ve got an actor of the calibre of Alan Rickman in front of the camera.

Source: David Michalek

Double by Double Robotics

Wouldn’t it be great if your iPad had wheels? Er, no. It’s downright creepy, not helped by the way it looks like the mutant offspring of a tablet and a Segway.

Source: Double Robotics

The last roll-out

We can’t believe the Space Shuttle is no more. Here’s a time-lapse look at preparations for its final voyage. We’re just gutted the film cuts out before take-off.

Source: Philip Andrews

DLB 01 06 12

Childhood fantasy time again. Remember the speeder bikes from Return of the Jedi? Wouldn’t it be awesome if they were real! Well, now they are – and they’re being offered to the US military.

Source: Aerofex Corp