Something for the weekend #12

Is the boss/teacher/wife looking? No? Sweet! Put your feet up and watch some viral video goodness. This week we've got F1 in NYC, creepy robots, wheelchair vert ramp riding and some very sore Russians. Enjoy…

Red Bull Racing's American vacation

In your face Ken Block! You may have driven through San Francisco in a rally car but David Coulthard got to hit the streets of New York and New Jersey in one of Red Bull Racing's Formula 1 cars. Far cooler.

How not to fill up your car

From amazing driving to godawful driving… How can you forget to remove the pump nozzle from your car?!

Creepy robot cheetah that can outrun any man

So, the Pentagon have created a robot 'cheetah' that can run at 28.3mph – faster than even Usain Bolt. Where's Sarah Connor when you need her?

Aaron Fotheringham MegaRamp wheelchair jump

Forget the Paralympics – it's about time we got a full-on X-Games for disabled athletes. Vert rider Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham proves he has balls of steel as he takes on Rio de Janiero's fearsome MegaRamp.

Antenna BASE jump

Okay, so we've all seen BASE jumping before, but this POV vid gives a unique look at the whole experience – breaking in, climbing a dirty great big tower, watching as your buddy hurls himself off the top and then leaping into oblivion yourself. It made us feel sick just watching it!

Mario Cipollini is James Bond

Here's one for the closet roadies out there – Super Mario gives Daniel Craig a run for his money as he evades two pursuing motorbikes on his new Cipollini Bond road bike.

Meanwhile In Russia…

Got a bit of time to waste? Here's seven minutes of Russians doing crazeee things, which generally end up with them in a lot of pain, and us in stitches.