Video: Red Bull Rampage 2012 finals highlights

“You need big balls to win here!” Never have truer words been spoken. It’s difficult to condense an event as epic as the Red Bull Rampage to just under four minutes but they’ve done a decent job in this highlights vid. With the exception of Cam Zink’s massive crash – which happened in practice, not the finals – it’s all here, from Kyle Norbraten’s opposite 360s that caused a judging hatestorm on Twitter to Brandon Semenuk‘s epic transfer and Darren Berrecloth eating dust.

Source: FINALS Red Bull Rampage – Highest level of Mountain Biking from Red Bull

And here’s the course from the riders’ point of view, courtesy of Tyler McCaul and Chris Van Dine

Source: FMB World Tour: GoPro Course Preview at Red Bull Rampage 2012 from FMB World Tour