Mojo Trail Diaries in Morocco: Weav’s diary, day 4 – with video

It’s day 4 of the Mojo Trail Diaries trip to Morocco and time for a true all-mountain adventure, as the crew set their sights on scaling – and descending – one of the Atlas Mountains’ highest peaks. Our man Weavs joined Fabien BarelMark WeirMojo Suspension and Eyesdown Films on the trip. You can check out his helmet cam footage and photos on page 2, but first, let’s hear how the day went…

Day 4

After our scenic breakfast the previous day, when it was decided we’d make an early morning assault on one of the mountains that made up our backdrop, we rolled out of bed at 4.45am. By 5.30am we were trucking up to a quarry where we could park up our 4x4s and get ready to climb.

The mountain in question was 12,500ft high so climbing it was no easy task, especially considering there was no trail as such, just a series of markers to help guide you. It was freezing and having still not got any baggage, I was forced to borrow just about any spare clothes going to try to stay warm.

The camber and the wind were brutal but luckily our guide Ali and his brother kept us plodding up in the right direction. Carrying the bikes became too dangerous as the wind could easily catch the bike and drag you down the side of the mountain with it so we had to push them instead.

By halfway up, the Eyesdown boys were freezing cold and had to take shelter from the wind. A camera was passed to Mojo’s Paul Shepherd and the rest of the group kept on going.

When we reached a plateau at around 10,500ft, the wind must have been about 100mph and could easily knock you off your feet. It was at this point that it was deemed unsafe to go any higher. Not a bad thing considering how cold we were!

That meant it was time to begin the insane descent, tackling makeshift switchbacks and loose, off-camber boulder fields with an air of caution. Get things wrong out here and it’s a long way to any medical help.

When Mark ripped his rear mech off on a rock we got a well deserved break before attacking the faster lower slopes that were littered with jagged rocks. By the time we reached the quarry we were relieved to have made it down in one piece and blown away by just how capable modern trail bikes really are.

Weavs was wearing his GoPro on the ride up the mountain – check out the footage below, and then turn the page to view his photos from this amazing trip.

Source: Mojo Trail Diary, Morocco | Behind the Scenes | Onboard with Robin Weaver from Eyesdown Films