Play out your Top Gun fantasies with the new Oakley Airwave goggles!

Goggles are pretty simple, right? A lens, a frame and a strap. Not the new Oakley Airwave goggles – they’ve got a built-in ‘heads-up display’ that can show everything from the wearer’s speed and heart rate to maps overlaid with GPS navigation information.

Don’t get too excited, though – while it’s all very Top Gun, we haven’t entered the realm of fully integrated, fighter jet style technology just yet. What Oakley describe as a ‘heads-up display’ is actually a tiny monitor that sits below your right eye, not a data display built into the lens itself

But still, it’s impressive stuff. Oakley say the screen gives a similar experience to looking at a 14in monitor from 5ft away but is unobtrusive when you need to concentrate on the terrain. It certainly looks that way in the official video, and you can flick quickly between the different functions using a wristwatch-style remote. As you’d expect, this sort of technology doesn’t come cheap – RRP is $599.95.

The Airwave goggles have been designed for skiiing and snowboarding but we reckon it won’t be long before Oakley make a bike version. We can see gravity enduro racers making full use of the mapping, and downhillers keeping close tabs on their speed – at least until the UCI step in with their rolls of red tape…

Source: Oakley Airwave – GPS Enabled Goggle from Oakley

Oakley's Airwave goggles come with a White Factory Text frame and Fire Iridium lens...

Oakley's Airwave goggles are currently available for snow use only, with mirrored Iridium lenses

... or a Gunmetal frame and Black Iridium lens

There's a choice of White Factory Text frame and Fire lens, or Gunmetal frame and Black lens


  • Integrated GPS and Bluetooth
  • Display data including location (your own and your riding buddies’), temperature, jump analytics (distance, height and airtime) and speed, plus, when connected to your Apple or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, music playlists and incoming calls/text messages
  • O Matter frame with Switchlock lens changing system
  • Plutonite lenses

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