Bikes, beers and barbecues at the Bensink BBB Jam

Last time we saw Belgian downhill ace Nico Vink he was risking life and limb at Red Bull Rampage. He’s on safer ground this time around – Holland isn’t known for its cliffs – styling it up on the Bensink BBB Jam pump track, alongside four-cross star Joost Wichman and Olympic BMX finalist Twan van Gendt.

“The day and evening were filled with spontaneously invented contests, like long jumping and hitting a tin on the inside of a turn,” says Joost, whose company Thirty7even organised the end-of-season party. “For the rest it was chilling, drinking, eating and grabbing your bike to ride some more.” Sounds awesome.

Source: Thirty7even – Bensink’s Bikes, Beers & BBQ Jam from Lars Veenstra