More urban racing insanity – Brendan Fairclough wins Mexico’s Downhill Taxco 2012

I’ve got the speed I need, Brendan Fairclough told us last week, adding that he was off to Mexico for a downtown race. Turns out he was right! Brendog took the win at Downhill Taxco 2012, beating a load of local rippers plus Trek World Racing’s Neko Mulally and freeriders Chris Van Dine and Wil White.

Of course, he couldn’t resist throwing in some trademark whips along the way, in between hurtling down stupidly steep steps, around tight hairpins and through narrow alleyways, ignoring barking dogs and a crowd hungry for crashes!

Helmet cam run from practice:

Source: Down Hill Taxco 2012 recorrido de un ciclista from Mega Merengue

Downhill Taxco 2012 jumps and crashes:

Source: Down Hill Taxco (HD) from Taxco en un Clic


1 Brendan Fairclough  3:17:48
2 Mauricio Acuña  3:17.94
3 Neko Mullaly  3:18.03
4 Chris Van Dine  3:22.25
5 Ricardo Preciado  3:22.42
6 Bernardo Cruz  3:24.77
7 Carlos Castillo  3:32.21
8 Jose Villalobos  3:36.00
9 Dante Harmony  3:40.56
10 Arthur Babcok  3:41.37
1 Luana Oliveira  3:49.22
2 Jaqueline Harmony  4:04.14
3 Lorena Dromundo  4:12.63
4 Katie Holden  4:57.92