Race Bike: Mark Weir’s Cannondale Jekyll

As you might have guessed from his burly facial hair, massive forearms and the take-no-prisoners look in his eyes, US enduro ace Mark Weir is not a man to tiptoe his way down the trail and float his bike gently over obstacles. And that’s reflected in the setup of his Cannondale Jekyll.

“I like running a big-travel fork up front, strong brakes and heavy rubber,” he told us, shortly after returning from Morocco with the Mojo Trail Diaries crew. ”Following Fabien [Barel] down the hill makes me look stiff because I’m hitting every hole and rock in my path. Never lift… smash… smash!”

“Now if I could only case as hard as Robin did and live…,” he added, referring to our man Weavs’s close call with a chasm. “That would have broke my arms off – he’s a lucky man!” Look out for part 3 of the Morocco video on ChopMTB tomorrow. For now, turn the page to find out more about Weir’s Cannondale Jekyll…

All pictures by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films.

Mark Weir and his Cannondale Jekyll. Picture by Alex Tyler/Eyesdown Films

Does this look like a man you'd trust with super-lightweight kit?!