Check out the new Drift HD Ghost – the helmet cam wars just hotted up

Drift Innovation have launched a new offensive in the helmet cam war with the release of the Drift HD Ghost. So how does it measure up to the market leaders? Well, it can’t shoot in Ultra HD or at 120fps like the new GoPro HERO3 Black Edition, and it doesn’t have built-in GPS like the Contour+ 2. It’s got an ace up its sleeve, though – a built-in screen.

Okay, so you can buy a bolt-on aftermarket screen for the GoPro, and all three cameras can be linked to the latest smartphones (the GoPro and Drift via WiFi, the Contour via Bluetooth). But when it comes to on-the-fly convenience, especially in wet and muddy conditions where the last thing you want to do is get your expensive phone out, the built-in LCD display is a big bonus.

The HD Ghost is also waterproof to 3m without a housing (one is available aftermarket for divers, etc), and claims to have the longest battery life on the market. If you’re in the market for a helmet cam, it definitely sounds like it’s worth considering. Check out some footage from it below:

Here’s how the latest cameras from the three big players stack up:

Contour+ 2 Drift HD Ghost GoPro HERO3
Max fps @ 4k N/A N/A 15
Max fps @ 2.7k N/A N/A 30
Max fps @ 1,080p 30 30 60
Max fps @ 960p 30 50 100
Max fps @ 720p 60 60 120
Field of view 170° 170° (all modes) Ultra wide (all modes)
127° (1,080p) Narrow (720p, 1,080p)
90° (1,080p) Medium (1,080p)
Photos 5MP 11MP 12MP
Screen? None 2in Gorilla Glass LCD Available separately
Waterproof? No To 3m No
With housing? To 60m To 60m To 60m
Comes w/ camera? No No Yes
Built-in memory None 256MB None
Memory capacity MicroSD, 32GB MicroSD, 32GB MicroSD, 64GB
External mic input? Yes Yes Yes, w/ adapter
HDMI output? Yes Yes Yes
Remote control? No Yes Yes
WiFi enabled? No Yes Yes
Bluetooth enabled? Yes No No
Built-in GPS? Yes No No
Dimensions 96 x 60 x 34mm 105 x 52 x 33mm 60 x 42 x 20mm
Weight (claimed) Not specificed 167g 74g
Battery life (claimed) 2-2.5 hours 3 hours Not specified
RRP US$399 / £359.99 US$399.99 / £299.99 US$399.99 / £359.99


Turn the page for loads of pictures of the new camera, available from or, in the UK,