Something for the Weekend #21

This week we show you how to wheelie like a boss and teach your kids the meaning of rage. We’ve also got the favourite video of the Santa Cruz Syndicate, a nasty moto accident, a dog selling chickens, a talented toilet and much, much more.

Wham-O Wheelie Bar

Struggling to master that most basic of mountain bike tricks, the wheelie? Don’t spend hours honing your technique in a cold car park – just buy one of these!

Chubby Spiderman does Gangnam Style 

So funny, it reduced Cedric Gracia to tears – check out an, erm, unique take on this year’s biggest pop hit. “Don’t judge me.” Sorry mate, that’s not how YouTube works!

Motocross rider gets a branch stuck in his face

The title’s pretty self-explanatory – skip to 1:18 for the money shot. Warning: not one for the squeamish!

Think you’ve seen something like this before? You’re probably thinking of this…

I told my kid I ate their Halloween candy

American TV host Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to play a prank on their children for Halloween. The result? Tears, violence and a couple of kids who look set to spend a lot of time in therapy/prison later in life.

Dog selling chickens

They say China has become a land of entrepreneurs. Now even pets are getting involved. He needs to brush up his sales patter a bit though.

Super Great Toilet Keeper

Just what the world has been waiting for – a toilet that doubles as a goalkeeper. Ideal if you’re one short next time you fancy a kickaround. Or caught short.

Wingsuit world champ

There’s just something about wingsuit flying that never ceases to amaze. Espen Fadnes gets ridiculously close to the ground in this clip, which wraps up this week’s video round-up.