Control the camera: 360 degree view of downhill racing with Brendan Fairclough

Now this is something we’ve never seen before – a helmet cam vid where you can choose exactly where the camera is pointed. Follow downhill racer Brendan Fairclough down Norway’s Hafjell World Cup course and – assuming you’re using a computer, not a mobile device – use your mouse or cursor keys to get a panoramic 360º view of the course and riders. Awesome!

Unfortunately we can’t embed it in this article, but if you click on the picture below it’ll take you straight to the video on

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Want to know how it was made? Red Bull teamed up with Norwegian video producers Making View and fitted Brendog with a 600g, remote-controlled, 360º video camera. He then set off down the hill with his Scott11 teammates – that’s Floriane Pugin in front and Noel Niederberger behind. It’s the first time this has been done in mountain biking, and we’ve got to say, the aerial view is rocking our world!