Chris Kovarik is an absolute beast on a bike! Watch him tear up the rulebook at Whistler

Think you’ve seen Whistler ridden hard and fast? You ain’t seen nothing yet! Chris Kovarik hits lines in this video that just make you think “what the…!” You can almost feel the berms wince as ‘Karver’ thunders towards them, and as for those scrub-cum-drifts and doubling those tabletops… mindblowing stuff!

Source: Chris Kovarik – Summer of Summit – The Dirt Chronicles Ep. 4 – The Karver from Summer of Summit (Dylan Forbes, Mitch Gulliver and Justin Roy) via Pinkbike

Want more heavy metal thunder from Kovarik and his Intense M9? Check out last year’s Summer of Summit edit:

Source: Summer of Summit Ep. 5 – Chris Kovarik from Summer of Summit via Pinkbike