Insider’s Guide: Geebeebee Media on their Aston Hill Surface To Air video

Geebeebee Media have seemingly sprung from nowhere this year, bringing us some amazing moments in super slow-mo, both from the UK and abroad. We caught up with Oli and Farah to chat about their work at Aston Hill documenting the new¬†Surface To Air¬†trail. Here’s what they had to say…

The idea

In mid-summer we were approached by the Aston Hill Volunteer Committee to help them promote a new freeride line called Surface To Air. We really wanted to show the fluidity of the trail, its features and the opportunities for riders to lay down tricks. And of course, show the picture-perfect natural environment the Hill has to offer, as a direct comparison (albeit on a smaller scale) to the trails we see in movie segments from Whistler and other beautifully sculpted bike parks around the world.

Matt Wakefield at Aston Hill. Picture by Geebeebee Media

Matt Wakefield at Aston Hill. Picture by Geebeebee Media

The location

Aston Hill in the Chilterns [in South-East England ~ ed] is a well-known downhill-orientated mountain biking venue, known for being chock full of roots, and with a challenging chalk and flint surface under-wheel. Being situated on a steep hillside, the bike park manages to generate its own micro-climate, which when it came to filming, lent itself really well to capturing some atmospheric shots.

The new trail, situated amid the existing lines, was an intentional step in a different direction by Matt Wakefield (trail architect) and Scott Morehouse (chief builder), and brings a British Columbia-style flow to a trail which caters for intermediate-to-advanced riders who are hungry to have fun and test their skills at the same time.

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