Something for the Weekend #22

This week we have the best Christmas present for the kid you hate, a kung fu baby and an aquaplaning motocrosser. We’ve also got footage of the drunkest man ever, turbo-charged tractors and the most inventive Halloween costume you’ll ever see. . .

Doggie Doo game

Because everyone enjoys picking up dog shit… An ideal Christmas present for those kids who have everything! We can guarantee they won’t have this.

Aquaplaning moto

Modern day Jesus? Watch Iván Cervantes, 5x enduro world champion, as he attempts to ride 40 meters over water by aquaplaning. Filmed in amazing 1,000fps slow-mo.

Drunk man on the London Underground

This is an oldie but a goodie. Drunkest man ever? He must be top 10 at the very least! The music’s a stroke of genius too.

Racing tractor

How fast is this tractor?! It must be the ultimate boy-racer farmer edition. Perfect for ragging around the countryside and doing donuts.

Halloween costume

The coolest Halloween costume ever! These guys have gone all out…

Dragon baby

Stuffed toys beware, this kid is hardcore!

Mental base jumpers

The ultimate adrenalin rush?  This is crazy cool. Requirements: a large set of balls, oversized onesies and a parachute…

BMX with fireworks

Don’t play with fireworks, kids – unless you’re riding through them and filming it to arty music. Not recommended for replication – you’ll probably get an ASBO or singe an eyebrow.