Classiest slopestyle edit ever? Matt Macduff gets creative in Nova Scotia

Jump vids tend to be pretty rough-and-ready but from the moment the black-and-white intro kicks in, you know this one’s going to be a bit different. Called Dreams, it’s aptly titled, with a laidback, dreamlike feel throughout as Matt Macduff heads from the coast of Nova Scotia to a very special slopestyle setup dubbed the Sanctuary of Fun.

There’s some serious creativity on display here – not just from new filmmaking powerhouse Mind Spark Cinema but from Matt himself, who hits some unique features including the open loop we featured earlier this year. Impressive enough on its own, but all the more so when you realise he’s riding brakeless!

Source: Mind Spark 02 – Dreams – Matt Macduff from Mind Spark Cinema via Pinkbike

Rider: Matt Macduff

Location: Brookfield, Nova Scotia