Something for the weekend #23

This week we have a crazy collection of videos. A lot of WTF! moments served with a few helpings of karma. Watch a man turn himself into a hay bale, a BMXer fail terribly when trying to jump a car and an iPhone get smashed in slow-mo…

Hay bale farmer

Sometimes you just want to be at one with the land and sometimes you’ve drunk waaay too much and made a bet with your mate. We’re inclined to believe the latter after watching this video…

Pissing off a frog

This is a great example of the karma circle working. Froggy 1, human 0.

WTF car jump fail

The title says everything about this clip and there aren’t many more words that can sum up this video!  Watch it and you’ll see why…

Red Bull Stratos on a budget

Warning – this contains massive amounts of pain! We’re not sure what he was expecting to happen but we’re sure the end result isn’t what he had in mind. Welcome to Earth!

MTBcut iPhone destruction

This was uploaded by the guys at MTBcut, whose reasoning behind the film is as follows: “We finished up a shoot last week and didn’t have much to do… so we drove over an iPhone and shot it in slow-motion!”
Sounds legit!

BMX compilation fail

Throwing bikes, falling off jumps and faceplants – watch skinny-jeaned kids mess up in this brilliant compilation of fails. We wonder if they know they could’ve made a pretty penny with these on You’ve Been Framed

Dubstep dancing

Are you a dubstep lover? Find it hard to throw some moves to your favourite tunes? Fear not, here are some body-popping masters to show you how it’s done.