New Manitou Dorado Expert looks like a lot of downhill fork for the cash

When the carbon Manitou Dorado MRD was launched back in 2009 its £2,400* pricetag caused jaws to drop. Even its alloy replacement, the Pro, was out of reach of all but the most fat-walleted riders at £1,300. The good news for fans of the upside-down downhill fork is that there’s a new version for 2013, the Manitou Dorado Expert, with a vastly reduced RRP of £900.

That’s still not cheap, but puts it in the same ballpark as the RockShox Boxxer RC, and well below the likes of the Fox 40 RC2, Marzocchi 888 RC3 EVO and Boxxer World Cup. So, what’s the difference between the Dorado Pro and the Dorado Expert? Not a lot, by the looks of it. The Expert is 122g heavier (3,096g/6.82lb vs 2,974g/6.55lb) but shares the same 180/203mm of travel, dual-chamber air spring, TPC+ damping and head-turning looks. We can see this fork taking off big-time!

Manitou Dorado Pro vs Manitou Dorado Expert

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* We’ll stick with £ to avoid cluttering up the article but US prices are as follows: Dorado MRD (now discontinued) $2,750, Dorado Pro $1,750, Dorado Expert $1,300.