Something for the Weekend #24

This weekend, place your bets on whether a dog or BMXer will be fastest around the track, see some crazy motorbike crashes in slow-mo and watch Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with nunchucks!

CX faceplant

Not sure what to do this weekend? Well grab some Lycra and get yourself to a cyclo-cross race. It looks like comedy central!

Backwards motorbike crashes

Scarily mesmerising – watch a load of motorbike crashes backwards in slow-mo. These were all filmed on the Mulholland Highway in Southern California, a stretch of road that’s meant to be a motorcyclist’s dream. After watching this we’d beg to differ…

Dog vs BMXer

Place your bets now! Dog vs BMXer – who’ll take the win? The dog definitely knows the fastest lines, though we reckon he should’ve been DQ’d for some of them!

Bruce Lee playing ping-pong… with nunchucks

Because playing table tennis at super high speed with a bat is for mortals, Bruce Lee whacks out his nunchucks for this ultimate ping-pong battle.

Kid/concrete block/shovel prank

This is what friends are for. Painful pranks and laughs on your behalf. Someone get that poor kid some ice!

Dumb ways to die

Is avoiding death high on your to-do list? Well pay attention to this video, made by an Australian train company. We wish all safety videos were like this!

Polish stunt riders

Brilliant? Terrible? Terribly brilliant? We’re not sure. Captivating and cringe-worthy at the same time, this video is a classic.