Mountain biking on a recumbent – worst idea ever?

After extreme mountain unicycling we thought we’d seen it all but no, there are people out there riding even less suitable bikes off-road. Exhibit A: this loon on a recumbent. These things are lethal enough in traffic – what would possess you to wobble your way over North Shore ladders on one?!

Source: Recumbent downhill by AZUB recumbent from AZUB BIKE via VitalMTB

We’re not doubting this guy’s skill, but as one YouTube user puts it: “You’ve succeeded in creating a cycling sport that makes the operator look as lame as someone on Rollerblades!” Have we gone too far with the piss-taking? It’s okay – he looks like the kind of guy to take it lying down!

To be fair, the recumbent does fare better on the gentler trails in the video below…

Source: Recumbent mountain ride – off road on AZUB recumbent from AZUB BIKE