Big grins and even bigger Superman seatgrab backflips – Cam McCaul at Nitro Circus Live

What a combination – the most excitable guy in mountain biking, Cam McCaul, and Travis Pastrana‘s high-octane extreme sports extravaganza, Nitro Circus Live! Expect shopping bike stunts, cross-dressing and “unreal” Superman seatgrab backflips in this way-too-brief clip focussing on the “mountain bike god” and “ultimate grommet”!

Source: Life in the Circus – Cam McCaul, Mountain Bike God from Nitro Circus Live

Disappointed you didn’t get to see Cam flip that Dutch town bike? Here he is flipping another cruiser, back in 2010 – blink and you’ll miss it!

Source: Official Highlights Brisbane from Nitro Circus Live

And just in case you’re feeling short-changed by the amount of McCaul riding footage in those two vids, here he is riding Squamish and Vancouver’s North Shore with his brother Tyler and Stevie Smith:

Source: Fox MTB Riders Cam McCaul, Tyler McCaul and Steve Smith Test 2012 Product from Fox