Race Bike: Joe Smith’s CRC-Nukeproof team edition Nukeproof Pulse

CRC-Nukeproof rider Joe Smith has been quietly clawing his way up the World Cup rankings, finishing a very creditable 19th this year. And this is the bike he’s done it on – his pre-production Nukeproof Pulse, complete with patriotic World Champs sticker job.

From a distance the bike looks a lot like its predecessor, the Nukeproof Scalp, but get up close and you notice the massive square-section down-tube, slimmer swingarm, adjustable chainstays and tweaked linkage. This thing looks ready to take a beasting!

“I really like the way the new Pulse rides,” says Joe. “It’s quite similar to the Scalp but a bit more refined. The engineers have done a really good job and listened to everything we said while testing the bike. It shows in the way it handles and how stable it is over the rough stuff.”

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Joe Smith's Nukeproof Pulse. Picture by James Costley-White

Joe's Nukeproof Pulse is decked out with top-drawer kit, as you'd expect of a World Cup race bike

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