Brazilian stunners and sex toys as seatposts – just a typical day for injured downhiller Cedric Gracia!

Videos that chart a rider’s recovery from a gnarly injury tend to be worthy but a bit dull – but not when Cedric Gracia’s involved! There’s no riding whatsoever but this video’s worth watching just to check out his incredible Andorran pad, plus it’s got all the normal dicking around you’d expect of CG and his Racing Brigade cohorts! Warning: Definitely not safe for work!

Source: CG SEXTAPE#3 – Hurt but not dead from Lucas Stanus Videos

It seems like CG’s been injured forever but it was only back in May that he broke his hip at the Val di Sole World Cup. Here’s a clip of him styling it up on his Santa Cruz Tallboy 29er to remind you of just how good he is on a bike:

Source: Teaser 29ROCKS! DH session with Cedric Gracia & Simon André on 29ers from Enduro Tribe / VTT29