Something for the weekend #25

Need some entertainment this weekend? You’ve come to the right place! This week we’ve a crazy collection of videos – from driving dogs to excitable Germans, it’s all here…

Longest mountain bike jump of 1999

This is old-school mountain biking at its best. Unless you speak German it’s best to jump to 2:00 – that’s when the good stuff starts to happen. Look out for the presenter’s reaction to this retro jump action – it’s priceless!

Dead deer biking

Go hunting, shoot a big deer and ride home with it around your neck… Seems legit.


The best bike disguise ever! This is way better than using bells to warn pedestrians you’re on your way… Giddy up!

Driving dogs

Need a designated driver this weekend? Got a dog? Never be short of a lift again! Once you’ve taken him for a walk in the morning he can drive you to work. It’s brilliant, bizarre and slightly disturbing all at the same time…

Dirt jump skateboarding

These skateboarders look right at home hitting the dirt jumps. Looks like great fun and a cool change from the cement of skateparks. They’ll be on the pump tracks next…

Moto fail

Cruising down by the harbour looking for somewhere to park… he won’t be needing a ticket where he left it, that’s for sure!