Mountain biking is back in the X Games – let’s make it look cool this time!

After the snowy madness and Lycra-clad dual racing of the early Nineties* we figured mountain biking would never again be considered cool enough for the X Games. We were wrong! ESPN have revealed that slopestyle will be included at the new Munich stop in 2013.

Tim Reed, X Games’ senior director of content strategy, told the US sports network that slopestyle “was an event that the locals felt very strongly about and felt it was relevant”. He said the course would be constructed next to the city’s Olympic Park, on a hill that hosts World Cup ski races.

News of the event on 27-30 June has already been going down a storm on Twitter, with Sam Reynolds posting: “Stoked that X Games is coming to Europe and finally have MTB slopestyle! I’ve heard rumours of 60ft jumps on the course in Munich!! … Lets show em we’re worthy of a spot in the main event in LA 2014!” Hear, hear.

* Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check out these classic clips:

1998 Winter X Games: Men’s dual speed final – Jurgen Beneke vs Joe Lawwill

1995 X Games: Men’s downhill – Rob Naughton vs Jurgen Beneke