Something for the weekend #26

This weekend we bring you some X-rated Christmas lights, cringeworthy cyclo-cross dancing, beer-opening bike tricks and other random gems to keep you entertained!

X-rated Christmas lights

Christmas is meant to be a time of spreading joy and goodwill. The man chosen to put up the Christmas lights in Brighton, England clearly didn’t agree and instead used his skills to show the people what he really thinks of the festive season! Comedy genius.

SRAM goes Gangnam Style

There’s a fine line between funny and embarrassing – and we’re not entirely sure which side of the fence this video sits! The SRAM cyclo-cross team get their jig on, showing that skinny-tyre folk can have fun too.

The snowbike hangover cure

Got a banging hangover? Grab yourself a snowbike and throw some shapes around. It’s a surefire way to shake that muggy head!

Beer opening bike trick – take two

A few weeks back we showed you a video of Hans Rey opening a beer bottle with his bike. These guys have clearly taken note and wanted to up the ante a bit!

Dave in shark attack

You know you have good friends when they push you off a boat into the path of a shark. Okay, so this big beast is a basking shark that feeds on plankton but we wouldn’t want to be the one to confirm this!

When self-filmed footage goes wrong!

Is this the worst self-filmed mountain bike video out there? It’s definitely one of the most bizarre! From the almost constant slow-mo wheel shots to the crazy music, oh, and the random jumping in the sea at the end of the ride. What were they thinking?