3 Minute Gaps recut – four minutes of explosive action from last year’s biggest bike movie!

We’re not sure how happy Clay Porter will be that his magnum opus has been tampered with but we’ve got to say this four-minute unauthorised ‘recut’ of 2011′s 3 Minute Gaps packs one helluva lot of incredible riding action into its four-minute runtime! From Aaron Gwin boosting massive jumps to Sam Hill blowing up berms and Danny Hart getting loose as hell, it’s a shot of adrenaline to the heart that’ll make you want to get out and ride!

Source: 3 MINUTE GAPS RECUT from TrailTouch

The recut’s an entertaining watch but it’s not a patch on the original, with its in-depth look at some of the World Cup race scene’s biggest names. So if this edit’s inspired you, check out the full-length movie – which you can buy at www.3minutegaps.com.