DMR Vault Brendog pedals – Best bikes and gear of 2012

The DMR Vault Brendog pedals had to make it into our ’Best bikes and gear of 2012‘ round-up. The Vaults became instant favourites in the ChopMTB office after their launch last year and the new Brendan Fairclough signature set’s more aggressive Moto Pins and super-stealthy matt black finish have only helped cement that position. Stylish pedals for one of the most stylish riders out there.

Why we like them:

  • Large, slim platform (105x104x17mm)
  • Concave centre for improved grip
  • Pins screw in from underneath, so the heads don’t round off
  • Reasonable weight for their size (428g on our scales)
  • Shed mud well
  • User-serviceable

RRP: US$181.50 / £110 / €141

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