Retro: 1998 GT Lobo vs 2012 GT Fury

GT Bicycles have been a major part of the mountain bike scene since the mid-80s. After a couple of quiet years on the downhill and freeride front they were thrust back into the limelight this year with the signing of the Athertons and Kyle Strait. We take a look back at their last golden era, when the GT Lobo was the king of carbon, and see how it compares with its 2012 equivalent, the GT Fury.

The Bikes

1998 GT Lobo. Picture Steve Behr

GT Lobo

Year of production: 1997-1999
Weight: 17.2kg / 38lb
Rear travel: 165mm / 6.5in

2012 GT Fury. Picture Steve Behr

GT Fury

Year of production: 1999-present day
Weight: 16.8kg / 37lb
Rear travel: 210mm / 8.3in

Page 1: The Bikes
Page 2: Chainset and Pivots

Page 3: Forks and Head Tube
Page 4: Cockpit and Brakes