Something for the weekend #28

It’s the last weekend of 2012, so get your glad-rags on and start your NYE countdown with these awesome videos. From eagles snatching children to the most bizarre clothing ad of the century, we’ve got it all here for your entertainment!

Eagle snatch

Lesson learnt – don’t dress your toddler up like a small animal! A day in the park takes a turn for the worse when this unsuspecting nipper gets mistaken for a tasty bit of chow…

Now that’s what we call a WHIP!

We love a good whip on a downhill bike but we’ve got to say, MX riders take things to a whole new level, This is a whip and a half!

So Cal winter

For most of us, winter means drizzle, icy pavements and a runny nose… We can’t help but think the residents of California are taunting us slightly with this ‘winter’ edit!

One day in 2012

Shot during two freezing-cold nights on Piz Corvatsch (-25°C) and Piz Nair (-15°C) in Switzerland’s Engadin Valley as part of the ‘One Day on Earth’ project, and made up of more than 10,000 photos showing the night sky, stars and Milky Way, this is magical.

Get it while you can

This video was made to mark the predicted Mayan apocalypse on December 21st. It’s actually an advert for clothing company Diesel, who figured that if the rumour was true and 21-12-2012 really was the day it would all end, there was only one thing to do!

How many trucks does it take to move a boulder?

Where are they taking it? Why are they moving it? This video leaves so many unanswered questions!