Six of the best: 2012 mountain bike videos

As another year comes to an end, we wave goodbye to an awesome 12 months of riding action and take a look back at some of the best mountain bike videos of 2012. We’ve picked six edits that made their mark, from the best crash to the most insane track. Check out our selection below, and let us know your favourite videos of the year in the comments.

1. Best crash video: Cam Zink’s Red Bull Rampage crash

Arguably the most watched and talked about crash of the year! People across the world winced as Cam Zink bailed from his bike halfway across the massive Canyon Gap during Red Bull Rampage.

2. Most insane helmet cam footage: Brendan Fairclough at Downhill Taxco

Three minutes and 22 seconds of stair plummeting, drop hucking, bandstand jumping, dog dodging urban madness! This video of Brendan Fairclough’s winning downhill run at Mexico’s Downhill Taxco urban race went viral for good reason. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must-watch!

3. Best feelgood video: Summer Forever 2 by JL Media

We dubbed Summer Forever 2 the best feelgood movie ever! If people ask you why you ride bikes, show them this video – it sums up the stoke, the joy and friendship that life on two wheels creates.

4. Best aerial footage: Lacon de Catalonia by Antimedia

There’s been a massive increase in videos shot from above this year. This awesome edit featuring Andreu Lacondeguy uses aerial footage to help emphasise the height the Spaniard is achieving as he takes ‘big air’ to a whole new level…

5. Best bike skills: Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party

Trials legend Martyn Ashton hits the skatepark, the beach, and even takes on a fairground Wall of Death on a £10,000, Tour de France winning Pinarello Dogma 2! This stuff would be impressive on a trials bike – on a drop-bar roadie rig it’s just nuts!

6. Best little-man: Four-year-old Malcolm

There have been loads of pint-sized pinners tearing up the trails and littering Youtube this year, with skills that put most of us to shame. But Malcolm’s video has to be our favourite of 2012 – his commentary, his excitement and stoke is contagious!

There were loads of video gems this year, so picking six was tough! Which was your favourite of 2012? Leave your suggestions in the comments below…