Something for the weekend #29

It’s the first weekend of 2013 – how many of you have broken your New Year’s resolutions already?! Ah well, never mind!  Sit back and enjoy this eclectic mix of weekend entertainment – from human slingshots to blow-up boogieing, we’ve got it all…

Blow-up boogie

It’s the first weekend of 2013 – celebrate it accordingly by doing the weekend dance! Blow-up suit and Hulk Hogan moustache optional…

Mini backflip

Watch French daredevil Guerlain Chicherit attempt the first-ever unassisted Mini backflip! Will he make it, won’t he… You’ll have to tune in at a later date to find out – but by the look of this teaser, we reckon he does!


Now how cool would it be to write ‘Stuntman’ as your job title on your resumé? Well Eos Karlsson does just that – here’s his showreel demonstrating all the cool stuff he gets to do for a living.

Human slingshot

Who doesn’t want to launch their friends off a giant bungee? This human slingshot looks like massive fun!

Ken Block

A man in a gorilla suit getting knocked off a ladder by Ken Block – not something you see every day! This video explores how the stunt was made – make sure you stay tuned to the end, where a dude does a backflip over the car too!

French X-Factor audition

Leave your stereotypes at the door. This is an audition and a half…

Red Bull Skylines

Paris – city of romance, culture, baguettes and… BMX. A tour of the city on two wheels followed by the epic bike battle that is Red Bull Skylines.