Trials bike showdown – motorcycle vs bicycle vs unicycle

Motorcycle trials kickstarted the whole hopping-over-obstacles thing but us non-motorised bike riders have come on in leaps and bounds (bad pun, sorry). So, who’s best? Judge for yourselves, as three top Czech riders pit motorcycle vs bike vs unicycle. It’s a bit dark but if you can work out what’s going on there’s some quality riding on show!

Source: ALL WE TOGETHER from Martin Matejicek via Dirt

So, who are these guys? Martin Matejicek, 17, is a 125cc rider ranked in the global top 10; Vasek Kolar, 21, is a five-time biketrial world champion; and Adam Gerza, 23, is one of Europe’s best unicycle riders. Together, they form All We Together – check out their Facebook page for more info.