They’ve nailed it! New Fox Rampage Pro Carbon helmet looks awesome

Now here’s a turn-up for the books – a Fox full-face that doesn’t look like a scaled-down moto lid! In fact, we’d go so far as to say the new Fox Rampage Pro Carbon is one of the best-looking downhill helmets on the market.

Not only is it sleeker and lighter than the old V3R Carbon, but Fox reckon it’s the most comfortable and best-vented DH lid ever, with a ‘luxury interior’ and a whopping 17 intakes, channels and exhaust ports – something that should appeal to the enduro racers out there.

We can’t comment on the protection on offer, as there’s no word from Fox yet regarding safety certification. But that’s somewhere where they’ve excelled in the past, with their MTB lids often meeting motocross standards.

Word is that we’ll be getting our grubby mitts on a Rampage Pro Carbon sometime soon. For now, check out the video below, where the likes of Stevie SmithJosh Bryceland and Kyle Strait put it through its paces.

Source: Introducing The New Rampage Pro Carbon Mtb Helmet from Fox

Mmmm, carbon...

The new lid comes in matt black, white, black/white or red/yellow

The Fox Rampage Pro Carbon is available in matt black, white, black/white or red/yellow, in five sizes from S to XL. RRP is US$425.95 / £320. More info at