This might just be the sketchiest South American urban DH race yet!

We’ve seen some pretty dodgy-looking urban downhill races in recent months, but this one in Manizales, Colombia might just take the biscuit! The wallride looks like it was knocked up from stuff found in a skip, we’re sure those steps claimed a rim or two and you wouldn’t want to mess up one of those jumps!

New Giant Factory Off-Road Team signing Marcelo Gutiérrez took top honours in the men’s race, beating the likes of Mitch RopelatoCam Zink and Kyle Strait, while Susana Calle was the fastest woman. Check out Gutiérrez’s winning run below – does he go round those hay bales at 1:15 or through them?!

Source: Amazing downhill ride by Marcelo Gutierrez at the Manizales Urban Race from Marcelo Gutierrez

Things didn’t go quite so smoothly for him in practice, though!

Source: Manizales Urban Race (Qualification) Stupid Crash at the beginning from Marcelo Gutierrez

Here’s the official event video:

Source: DOWNHILL URBANO MANIZALES 2013HD from ChiguiroExtremoTV


1 Marcelo Gutiérrez 1:35:702
2 Mario Jarrín 1:40:846
3 Mitch Ropelato 1:41:946
4 Rafael Gutiérrez 1:44:439
5 Mauricio Estrada 1:44:679

Best trick: Cam Zink, with a DH bike backflip!