Something for the Weekend #31

It’s the weekend! Yay! Albeit a snowy and icy one for quite a few of us! Once you’ve finished with sledging, skidding and building snowmen, sit down in the warm and get ready for some weekend entertainment!

Red Bull Freeride Edit

This video is amazing, but will make you feel seriously uncool… Welcome to the World of Red Bull. Be prepared to be wowed.

Doing laundry sucks

Doing laundry is a DULL job… unless you’re this cat. We’ve never seen anyone enjoy it this much – every laundry basket should have a cat like this!

Super slow-mo snowmobiles!

Try saying that fast! Everything looks cooler in slow motion and these snowmobiles are no exception, taking snow shredding to the next level and captured in amazing detail!

Want to be an action-hero? 

It’s not a typical job, but as Shane Daniels proves it is possible to be a full time action-hero! Your careers advisor may disagree but play-fighting bad guys and jumping off buildings is a real job!

Get your drift on!

Drifting around tanks while having to write in a notepad – crazy challenges, lots of smoke and big drifts. All part of the fun with the Monster Energy crew…

Attack of the emu!

This bird was not happy to see mountain bikers on his turf!