Mall madness – mountain bike race in a shopping centre!

Normally we have to be dragged kicking and screaming to the shops – unless it’s bike bits we’re after, of course! But this is a trip to the mall we could all enjoy… Blasting past shopfronts and down escalators, riders turned a Czech shopping centre into a race track at the weekend. We’re just disappointed they didn’t get to play shopper slalom with the zombie-like hordes who normally infest these places!

Check out 4X ace Michal Prokop‘s winning run at the Arkády DownMall Praha:

Source: Arkády DownMall 2013 – Michal Prokop – Drift edit from Drift Czech

Here’s the official highlights edit:

Source: Arkády DownMall 2013 – oficiální video from Eastern Gravity

And here’s Prokop going head-to-head with second-placed Tomas Slavik:

Source: Slavík vs Michal Prokop – Finále Arkády DownMall 2013 from Eastern Gravity

Here’s some more helmet cam footage, this time from Austria’s Hannes Slavik – he’s not as quick as Prokop but has a less vomit-inducing camera angle!

Source: Slavik Hannes Arkády DownMall Praha 2013 Final from Hannes Slavik

And finally, here’s a trick session on the finish line jump:

Source: Arkády DownMall 2013 – Freestyle from koller1570