‘Stardust, man, it’s where it all comes from…’ Lars n Bars gets philosophical – for a second or two!

Winter’s taken its toll on Lars Sternberg and Darrin Seeds, causing them to get all philosophical in the latest episode of Lars n Bars. But don’t worry, it’s not long before they get bored of all the “nature BS”, the heavy metal kicks in and they get their shred on, racing through the Chuckanut Mountains in Washington State. Some classic comedy from Transition Bikes!

Source: Lars n Bars Winter Epic Edit from Transition Bikes

Riders: Lars Sternberg, Darrin Seeds
Location: Chuckanut Mountains, Bellingham, Washington, USA
Bikes: Transition Covert
Filmer: Kevin Menard
Music: Kevin McLeod – Private reflection, Metallica – Fight fire with fire