Something for the Weekend #32

Pogo stick madness, ninja cats and mediaeval firework fun with the Transition Bikes crew – this little lot should start your weekend off with a bang!

Extreme pogo sticking

Whatever next – Space Hopper parkour? Fair play, though – we wouldn't fancy trying a backflip on one of these things…

This little girl can park her bike like a boss!

We reckon this little nipper's going to ace the parallel parking section of her driving test in a few years' time!

Think that's impressive? Watch what China's Han Yue can do in his Mini!

Ninja cat

This one's been around for a while but it still makes us laugh. The cat on the right appears to be using a classic school playground move from the 1980s – acting like he knows karate to avoid a beating. Unlike the human version, it actually seems to work.

GoPro on a Trombone

We've seen a lot of GoPro footage over the years, but nothing quite like this. By the end, those veins on his forehead look like they're going to pop!

Transition Bikes say goodbye

Now that's what we call a send-off with a bang! The Transition Bikes crew say goodbye to departing workmate Ryan 'Rydog' Erikson in their own inimitable style.

Worst ski jump attempt ever?

Apparently Japan's Daiki Ito is one of the world's top ski jumpers. You wouldn't know it from this clip. Is it wrong that we found ourselves secretly hoping he'd slide all the way off the end?

CG goes rallying

For a rally video, this doesn't have a lot of driving – most of it's just Cedric Gracia playing up to the camera. Luckily that's something he's pretty good at!