Something for the weekend #33

Ease into February with some weekend entertainment. We've got 'glowboarding', some epic kayak footage, one of the angriest BMXers around and much more…

Ice biking fail
Some people should just stay inside when it's icy… This guy is one of them! We're not sure what he was trying to achieve here, but we're sure the end result wasn't what he had in mind!

From bald guy to mountain-man in a mere 38 seconds…

This is what happens when the Michelin Man gets up in the night, falls into a bunch of lights and finds his snowboard to hit up the slopes…

Angry BMX kid
You'd think he'd stop BMXing if it made him this angry… One seriously stroppy skinny-jeaned kid, but pretty entertaining to watch!

Kayaking brothers
These guys have guts – we're surprised they manage to get into their boats with balls this big!

Ken Block
A lesson in how to drive on snow and ice from the awesome Ken Block. Drifts and skids on street tyres!

Apres Visuals showreel
Sit back and enjoy some incredible cinematography, the night sky like you've never seen it before and some cheeky mountain biking clips too!