Race Bike: Brendan Fairclough's Scott Gambler

We've looked at the 2013 Scott Gambler before but this one's a bit special – it's Brendan Fairclough's World Cup race bike. The super-stylish British rider helped Scott develop their new downhill rig, shaping it into the beast you see before you, which is set up to his preference and laden with his sponsors' latest kit.

Brendog's demands were simple – a slacker head angle for stability at speed, a shorter back end for faster cornering, and a more progressive and playful suspension feel. So, what's the verdict? “I’m really happy with how it’s all turned out.”

It certainly didn't take Brendan long to get his trademark whips dialled on the new bike! Watch him give his Gambler a good ragging in this new plug for his DMR Vault Brendog pedals, and then turn the page for more photos and spec details.

Source: Brendog DMR Vaults from Aspect Media

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