Something for the weekend #34

Micro-scooter stunts, roadies outsprinting cop cars, bike-riding cats in sombreros and much, much more – the weekend begins right here!

Micro-scooter madness

Micro-scooters – they're not big and they're definitely not cool. But there are still people out there prepared to risk social pariah status at the skatepark to perfect their tiny-wheeled moves.

Roadie escapes the cops

This guy must have thighs of steel! Outsprinting the cops is one thing – throwing your water bottle at them is just asking for trouble! It's a good thing the truck driver messed up or the cyclist would have been toast.

Kite surfer jumps over an island

Now that's what we call a jump! Youri Zoon's next trick? Jumping the shark. Maybe.

Cat on a bike

A cat. On a bike. Wearing a sombrero. Need we say more? The moggy seems remarkably relaxed about the whole thing – perhaps he's mesmerised by the sun glinting off all those CDs.

Lucky escape

How this guy managed to avoid being killed we don't know. Skip to 30 seconds in and think twice the next time you consider squeezing through traffic.

Snow drifting fun

When Guido Tschugg's not riding his Ghost he likes to get sideways in the snow in his Mitsubishi Evo. And who can blame him?!

Urban snowmobiling

Of course, there are times when drifting around the countryside just isn't fun enough. Time to grab your snowmobile and head downtown!