Electric downhill bikes – dumbest idea ever?!

An electric downhill bike? Sounds like a great idea! No more uphill pedalling or waiting in uplift queues, just hours of gravity-fed fun. With 250mm of rear travel, a top speed of 50mph and optional eight-pot discs, the Stealth Bomber that freestyle MX star Ronnie Renner rides in this video is an absolute beast.

Source: Ronnie Renner introduces his Stealth Electric Bomber from Stealth Electric Bikes

What the video doesn't tell you is that it weighs 53kg/116lb – the same as three-and-a-bit Santa Cruz V10 Carbons or Specialized Carbon Demo 8s. And the battery only lasts two hours. And it costs US$9,900. And let's not even mention the looks. So it's basically just an expensive, underpowered MX bike.

You ain't seen nothing yet…

Stealth aren't the only company making these things. Ghost showed one at Eurobike a couple of years back, and Nicolai have two electric downhill bikes in their line-up. But the M55 Terminus has to be the most ridiculous. Handmade in Hungary and dubbed the world's most expensive mountain bike, even the basic 'Classic' build costs €25,555 (roughly £21,850/US$34,200, before sales taxes).

Let's see it in action, in possibly the most over-the-top promo vid ever!

Source: M55 Terminus – All Black edition – Luxury electric bike from M55

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