Down and dirty shredding – the best Valentine's Day gift a girl can get!

Looks like World Cup starlet Manon Carpenter isn't the romance and roses type! This is a Valentine's Day edit with a difference, with all the lovestruck sappiness thrown out the window in favour of some moody skulking in a gloomy castle and then some flat-out winter shredding at the new Afan Bike Park. The perfect antidote to all of today's excesses!

Source: the fourteenth. by Liam Murphy Films for Cognation

So, what's the idea behind the video? ”Manon and myself decided to shoot something a little darker than the usual over-the-top romantic stuff,” says filmmaker Liam Murphy. “Manon suited this 'badass' role best and was quick to jump on board, doing what she does best: tearing around the Afan Bike Park!”

Rider: Manon Carpenter
Location: Afan Bike Park (intro was filmed at Margam Castle), Wales
Bike: Saracen Ariel
Filmer: Liam Murphy

Music: Slave to Your Loving (from Audio Network)